Migrating from Connector/NET

Connection String Differences

MySqlConnector has some different default connection string options:

Option MySqlConnector Oracle's Connector/NET Notes
AllowPublicKeyRetrieval Default is false (not configurable) When using sha256_password authentication, this option allows the RSA public key to be retrieved from the server (when not using a secure connection). It's false by default to avoid disclosing the password to a malicious proxy.
ConnectionReset Default is true Default is false MySqlConnector always resets pooled connections by default so that the connection is in a known state. This fixes MySQL Bug 77421.
LoadBalance Default is RoundRobin (not configurable, effective default is FailOver) Connector/NET currently has a bug that prevents multiple host names being used.
ServerRSAPublicKeyFile (no default) (not configurable) Specify a file containing the server's RSA public key to allow sha256_password authentication over an insecure connection.
UseAffectedRows Default is true Default is false This also affects the behavior of the ROW_COUNT function. UseAffectedRows=true is the default in most other languages (C++, PHP, others)

Some connection string options that are supported in Connector/NET are not supported in MySqlConnector. For a full list of options that are supported in MySqlConnector, see the Connection Options.


MySqlConnector adds full distributed transaction support (for client code using TransactionScope), while Connector/NET uses regular database transactions. As a result, code that uses TransactionScope may execute differently with MySqlConnector. To get Connector/NET-compatible behavior, remove TransactionScope and use BeginTransaction/Commit directly.


Connector/NET allows a MySqlConnection object to be reused after it has been disposed. MySqlConnector requires a new MySqlConnection object to be created. See #331 for more details.


Connector/NET allows a command to be executed even when MySqlCommand.Transaction references a commited, rolled back, or disposed MySqlTransaction. MySqlConnector will throw an InvalidOperationException if the MySqlCommand.Transaction property doesn’t reference the active transaction. See #333 for more details.


For consistency with other ADO.NET providers, MySqlConnector will throw InvalidOperationException (instead of MySqlException) for various precondition checks that indicate misuse of the API (and not a problem related to MySQL Server).

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs in Connector/NET are fixed by switching to MySqlConnector.

  • #37283, #70587: Distributed transactions are not supported
  • #50773: Can’t use multiple connections within one TransactionScope
  • #61477: ColumnOrdinal in schema table is 1-based
  • #66476: Connection pool uses queue instead of stack
  • #70111: Async methods execute synchronously
  • #70686: TIME(3) and TIME(6) fields serialize milliseconds incorrectly
  • #72494, #83330: EndOfStreamException inserting large blob with UseCompression=True
  • #73610: Invalid password exception has wrong number
  • #73788: Can’t use DateTimeOffset
  • #75604: Crash after 29.4 days of uptime
  • #75917, #76597, #77691, #78650, #78919, #80921, #82136: “Reading from the stream has failed” when connecting to a server
  • #77421: Connection is not reset when pulled from the connection pool
  • #78426: Unknown database exception has wrong number
  • #78760: Error when using tabs and newlines in SQL statements
  • #78917, #79196, #82292, #89040: TINYINT(1) values start being returned as sbyte after NULL
  • #80030: Slow to connect with pooling disabled
  • #81650, #88962: Server connection string option may now contain multiple, comma separated hosts that will be tried in order until a connection succeeds
  • #83229: “Unknown command” exception inserting large blob with UseCompression=True
  • #84220: Cannot call a stored procedure with . in its name
  • #84701: Can’t create a paramter using a 64-bit enum with a value greater than int.MaxValue
  • #85185: ConnectionReset=True does not preserve connection charset
  • #86263: Transaction isolation level affects all transactions in session
  • #87307: NextResult hangs instead of timing out
  • #87316: MySqlCommand.CommandTimeout can be set to a negative value
  • #87868: ColumnSize in schema table is incorrect for CHAR(36) and BLOB columns
  • #87876: IsLong is schema table is incorrect for LONGTEXT and LONGBLOB columns
  • #88058: decimal(n, 0) has wrong NumericPrecision
  • #88124: CommandTimeout isn’t reset when calling Read/NextResult
  • #88611: MySqlCommand can be executed even if it has “wrong” transaction
  • #89085: MySqlConnection.Database not updated after USE database;
  • #89159: MySqlDataReader cannot outlive MySqlCommand
  • #89335: MySqlCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters fails for JSON type