MySqlConnector is an ADO.NET data provider for MySQL. It provides implementations of DbConnection, DbCommand, DbDataReader, DbTransaction – the classes needed to query and update databases from managed code. Its features include:

  • .NET Core Compatibility
  • Truly Asynchronous: async functions implement asynchronous I/O
  • High Performance: code is stress tested for performance bottlenecks
  • Lightweight: Library only implements ADO.NET core

Why use MySql over Oracle’s Connector/NET?

MySqlConnector is a clean-room reimplementation of the MySQL Protocol and is not based on Oracle’s Connector/NET.

MySqlConnector Oracle's Connector/NET MySqlConnector Advantage
Async Fully asynchronous I/O Async calls map to synchronous I/O Uses fewer thread pool threads
Development Open and Collaborative Development on GitHub Closed Development Roadmap. Code is viewable on GitHub, some issues addressed in Forums Get involved! View our roadmap, discuss issues, contribute pull requests
License The MIT License GPLv2 with FOSS Exception More Permissive